Swift Resources

The other day I managed to sit down and start to get to grips with Apple’s new programming language Swift. Already there appears to be a huge amount of top quality learning material. Below I have listed resources that I found useful.

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Introducing BriefPlayer 0.1.0

BriefPlayer is a simple JavaScript library allowing easy audio streaming using SoundManager2. BriefPlayer’s supports playing and pausing of streaming media. It also displays the current time, duration and an animated progress bar.

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Freelance Availability

I’m currently available for 16 hours a week (more on request) freelance iOS or web development contract work on a remote basis. If you have something that may be of interest please get in touch.

Alfred 2 Workflow to Clean Up “Open With”

My “Open With” menu option was getting way out of hand and I can never remember the command to clean it up so, I created this Alfred 2 workflow.

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Alfred 2 Custom Search for CocoaDocs & CocoaPods

I’m a huge fan of Alfred and find myself using it more and more, especially since the release of version 2. Alfred allows you to create custom searches which is what I’ve done to help me quickly search CocoaDocs for documentation or CocoaPods for a pod.

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SITMOS - Podcast App v1.1 Is Here

The SITMOS Podcast App v1.1 has finally landed and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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TDInputView for iOS

TDInputView is an open source replacement for the standard system keyboard in iOS 4.0+. TDInputView subclasses UITextField and replaces the inputView with a custom UIView that you can design. Below is a screenshot of TDInputView in action from my app Wager which can be downloaded from the App Store for free here.

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